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Recent News

8.23.12Salem Weekly: Brian brings it home!
3.26.12Statesman Journal: Local students team up with Brian
3.17.12Daily Astorian: Clem and his Farm to School Law are right for Oregon
6.7.11Statesman Journal: Clem's Buy Oregon Act becomes law - local businesses love it!
6.6.11Center for the Next Generation: Oregon Farmers, Feeding Oregon Kids - Clem's Farm to School ideas become law!
3.21.11Oregonian: Clem takes on health insurance industry
3.15.11Register Guard: Clem's Farm to School Endorsed by Register Guard
9.8.09The World: Clem won't run against Kitzhaber
9.8.09BlueOregon: Clem endorses Kitzhaber for Governor
9.4.09OPB: With Kitzhaber In, Clem Bows Out
9.2.09Statesman-Journal: Brian Clem to announce decision on Governor's Race
9.2.09Source Weekly: Bend Source Weekly Profiles Brian
8.26.09BlueOregon: The way democracy is supposed to work
8.18.09KBND: KBND News on Brian in Central Oregon
8.13.09Portland Tribune: Clem bill, new law puts locally produced foods on the menu
8.7.09KPOJ-AM: Brian on Portland's KPOJ Radio
8.2.09BlueOregon: Brian Clem's Listening Tour Heads to Southern Oregon
8.2.09KOBI-TV: Brian Clem Interviewed on Medford's KOBI NBC 5
8.1.09Mail-Tribune: Possible Governor Candidate Stops in Medford
8.1.09Associated Press: Field Still Shaping Up in OR-GOV Race
7.15.09BlueOregon: In the winner's circle: The Metolius
7.9.09Statesman-Journal: Salem Democrat Clem to test race for governor
7.7.09KUMA 107.7: First Democrat announces run for Governor
7.6.09Oregonian: Clem, with his $500K, ponders race for governor
7.6.09Oregonian: What Oregon places need protecting?
6.25.09Statesman-Journal: Future generations will treasure Metolius
6.24.09The Source Weekly: Finally a Majority on the Metolius: Dems rally for the river and OLCC offers an olive branch
6.24.09Oregonian: Mortgage holder protection bill clears Senate
6.24.09BlueOregon: Finally: Calling out the class warfare from conservative Republicans.
6.23.09Statesman-Journal: House passes Metolius ban
6.23.09Oregonian: Protecting Oregon's land-use system
6.18.09Daily Journal of Commerce: House will reconsider land-use bill
6.17.09Oregonian: House puts Metolius bill on life support
6.15.09Oregonian: State works to relieve mortgage nightmares
6.15.09Clem writes law to protect homeowners from predatory lenders: HB 3004 becomes law! Clem saves homeowners more than 40 million dollars in mortgage relief!
6.11.09Statesman-Journal: Damaged farmland may qualify for tax break
3.20.09Oregon Public Broadcasting: OPB's Think Out Loud on Brian's Farm-to-School Legislation

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