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Labor Day in Coos Bay

Labor Day in Coos Bay

Brian and State Senator Joanne Verger at the Labor Day picnic

Last weekend, Brian visited Coos Bay and North Bend for their annual Labor Day picnic. He spoke on the importance of standing up for Oregon's working families, on tax fairness, and had a great time catching up with people from his hometown of Coos Bay.

Moreover, he talked about why he endorsed John Kitzhaber for Governor, and why Brian has joined Team Kitzhaber as their first honorary statewide campaign co-director.

Also in attendance were State Senator Joanne Verger and State Repsentative Arnie Roblan.

Stay tuned to for upcoming details on the final stop of our listening tour: Eastern Oregon and Pendleton for the Round-Up!

Posted on September 10, 2009 in listening tour, south coast.