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Given John Kitzhaber's entry, I will not run for Governor in 2010

Given John Kitzhaber's entry, I will not run for Governor in 2010

Governor John Kitzhaber


Two months ago, I announced that I would explore a run for Governor of Oregon. Since then, I have traveled across our great state to hear from everyday Oregonians, asking them what they need our next Governor to do to move Oregon forward.

I appreciate the tremendous support I have received during this time, and the generosity of everyone we've met along the way.

From Medford and Bend to Corvallis and Portland, and the many stops in-between, I have shared my vision for Oregon's future. And I have heard from the experts, these same everyday Oregonians who are looking for someone to listen and then lead boldly with progressive values.

I have made my decision. Given John Kitzhaber's entry, I will not be running for Governor of Oregon in 2010.

I've listened to Oregon, and I am endorsing John Kitzhaber, Oregon's next Governor.

And I would like to announce one more thing: I've proudly accepted John's request to join him in this fight. I will be joining the Kitzhaber for Governor campaign as its first honorary statewide Director. In this role I will continue to travel the state, working closely with Governor Kitzhaber, to spread our message of progressive change in the many and diverse communities across Oregon.

Now let me tell you a few things about John Kitzhaber. This is a guy whose whole life in public service has been all about solving problems. He sets party politics and political expediency aside, relying on equal parts reason and courage to address our most fundamental challenges. He will unify Oregonians around a common purpose: renewing our state’s great tradition of progressive policy and leadership.

In my career, John Kitzhaber has been one of my biggest supporters. I am proud to say that the work I’ve done over the last four years as a Representative is largely due to the example he sets and the values we share. John is my friend and ally, and I am proud to join his campaign today as its first honorary statewide Director.

I will shift my time, energy and resources to make sure John Kitzhaber is Oregon’s next Governor, because I’ve listened to Oregonians and they want bold, progressive leadership. That’s John Kitzhaber. I call on my supporters to join his campaign by visiting his website and making a donation right now. Because Oregon’s future begins today.

For Oregon,

Brian Clem

Posted on September 3, 2009.