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It's Decision Time


Two months ago, I announced I would explore a run for Governor of Oregon. Since then, I have traveled across our great state to hear from everyday Oregonians, asking them what we must do to move Oregon forward.

From Medford and Bend, Corvallis to Portland and the many stops in-between, I have shared my vision for Oregon's future. And I have heard from the experts, regular Oregonians who are looking for a fellow citizen to listen and then lead us boldly forward with progressive values.

I've heard stories across Oregon that are shaping my decisions about the direction our state needs to go and the kind of leadership we must have. I've listened to heart-wrenching stories of families struggling to put food on the table and still falling a little short, even though both parents work hard every day. I've heard uplifting stories of Oregonians believing in the best in each other and volunteering together to move their communities forward. And I've been fascinated by the success stories of Oregonians' drive and initiative to create new businesses and exciting new economies in our state.

The story of Oregon and Oregonians is in my mind and my heart as I make my decision on the best contribution I can make to our state in 2010. The experiences I've had the last few months, from Grants Pass all the way up to Gresham, are helping to mold my views about the fresh start we need for our future.

This Thursday in Portland I will announce my plans for 2010 and my decision on the race for Governor.

Although I have not yet finished my listening tour, with stops still scheduled in my hometown of Coos Bay for Labor Day and in Pendleton for the Round-Up, I feel I must make my intentions clear now. With former Governor John Kitzhaber entering the race, I believe that now is the time to decide and declare my intentions.

Please join me at 10 a.m. this Thursday, September 3, on the 3rd Floor Terrace at Portland's Ecotrust Building , at NW 9th and Johnson, as we write another chapter in Oregon's history. If you cannot attend, please visit this site tomorrow for my decision.

For Oregon,

Brian Clem

Posted on September 2, 2009 in listening tour.