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Oregon's future begins now

Oregon's future begins now

Brian, his wife Carol, and their daughter Kohana

My fellow Oregonians,

When my family crossed the Cascades in 1850, Oregon wasn't even a state. But the foundation of what made us great was already here.

*Rugged individualism. *

Commitment to our neighbors.

*Honest, plain talk. *

And a relentless drive toward the future.

I ran for public office because I believe in those values.

As a citizen legislator, I know the best answers always come from our people.

Like saving the Metolius River — one of Oregon's natural treasures. Last year, a woman in Central Oregon asked me a simple question: “Why doesn't the state finally protect this?” I decided it was time to take on the big developers and lobbyists. I led the fight to pass a new law to protect the Metolius and keep this precious jewel pristine forever.

A Marion County farmer told me he couldn't sell his crops to the local jail anymore. It made no sense, but Oregon's contracting rules favored big producers out of state. I worked to pass a law to allow public agencies to buy Oregon agricultural products first instead of sending our tax dollars to California.

A Salem couple told me their daughter was sued by a greedy mortgage lender, after the bank had already foreclosed on her home. I passed a new law so Oregon families aren't victimized further by unscrupulous lenders.

These days, it may seem like Oregon has lost its way.

But Oregon can come back. After all, we still have what it takes -- well-educated, hardworking citizens; incredible natural resources; an innovative spirit and a commitment to making our communities better for everyone.

Oregonians like you have the answers we need to thrive. Now, it's time for public servants who will listen and lead again.

Whether we're fishing on the Umpqua, sitting in a coffee shop, meeting in your church basement, or chatting on your front porch, I'm ready to talk with you about where our state is headed.

Because Oregon's future begins now.

Posted on August 31, 2009.