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Oregon's Future: Smarter. Greener. Now.

My listening tour is in full swing as I explore running for Governor of Oregon. This past weekend I visited the Willamette Valley, hearing ideas on how we can move Oregon forward from people in Salem, Corvallis, Eugene and several communities in-between. I also made a quick stop in Bend for a special event with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

In the past I've talked about how I am listening to the experts - everyday Oregonians who know how to get our state on the fast track to progress. I've talked about meeting with local leaders, business owners, and people who tell me their communities have innovative ideas on how to create jobs, provide education solutions for the next generation, and especially make Oregon greener and more livable.

In the Willamette Valley, I saw firsthand how Oregon's green future, from jobs to protecting our natural splendor, is in our hands. And I heard that Oregonians want a Governor who will take the initiative to support our local businesses and who will fight tooth and nail to protect our environment while sustainably using our abundant natural resources.

In Corvallis, I met with local sustainability leaders to discuss the city and state's future in our new economy. One company that stood out was EcNow Tech, which deals in green plastics, paper and wood products, and other housewares. This is the model of the future: finding green solutions for everyday household products that have traditionally come at an environmental cost.

In Bend, I attended this year's annual Oregon League of Conservation Voters barbecue, which was held at a newly-built recycled home. Boxcar Productions built the house and specializes in "deep green homes" containing passive solar technology, wood and materials from salvaged and reclaimed lumber, metals, and stone, and energy-efficient windows, heating systems, and appliances.

And in Eugene, I toured the Emerald Transportation (EmX) bus rapid transit system with City Councilor Chris Pryor and representatives from the Lane County Transit District. I learned about alternative, efficient transit options for moving large numbers of Oregonians with a relatively low environmental impact and how these systems can help us avoid sprawl by connecting well-planned communities with alternative forms of transit.

Oregon's next Governor must focus our state investments in the local, green economy. And they must travel the state to listen for these innovative ideas, and then lead by finding creative ways to help our state's locally-grown businesses succeed, thrive, and multiply.

Over the next weeks as I finish my listening tour and explore a run for Governor of Oregon, I will listen to the experts and ask how we can move our state forward: both for our sustainable economy and in many other areas. Next week I will be visiting Oregon's North Coast - so please continue to visit this website and follow my travels across our state!

For Oregon,

Brian Clem

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Posted on August 25, 2009 in listening tour, willamette valley.