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Bringing us together

Bringing us together

Brian, his wife Carol, and his daughter Kohana


Oregon is a special place. From the unrivaled natural splendor of our rural communities to urban jewels like Portland, we are fortunate to live in the best, most innovative, most beautiful state in the nation.

But we are not immune to hard times. Unemployment is up. Wallets are tight. And people are being forced to make tough choices on essentials, like health care, schooling, and even putting food on the table.

I am exploring a run for Governor of Oregon because I believe we must come together as one Oregon to find solutions to these difficult problems. These are not urban or rural issues - we share them all and we must act boldly, together to move our state forward into the future.

As I travel across our state on my listening tour, this is exactly what I hear. From Medford to Portland, Oregonians tell me they want a leader who celebrates our differences, but also brings us together to forge solutions to common problems.

And that's what I've done throughout my life: I tirelessly work toward one Oregon, toward progress. From my upbringing in Coos Bay and serving as Chair of the House Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Communities committee, to my small business work in Salem and my time in Portland, I know that Oregon is a far better place when we work together and acknowledge all that we can do together.

My Farm to School program is a great example. I saw two problems - our schoolchildren not getting proper nutrition, and our rural farmers struggling to sell crops in a tough economy. So I worked toward a natural solution: help the farmers sell their crops to school districts in urban areas, and in turn help students eat healthy, local food.

It's because of common sense solutions like Farm to School that I'm on my listening tour, exploring a run for Governor. From my initial trip to Southern Oregon to my visit to the Portland Metro Area, I am sharing my vision for Oregon's future and listening to the experts, everyday Oregonians like you, to hear ideas on how we can boldly achieve the progress we're all seeking. Whether we're talking about economic development connections between Medford and Portland or discussing the up-and-coming futures of Troutdale and Ashland, I'm learning firsthand what it will take to bring us together and make our state a better place.

For Oregon,

Brian Clem

p.s. This wouldn't be possible without your support. Make a grassroots donation right now and help me take my listening tour to more communities across Oregon.

Posted on August 11, 2009 in listening tour, central oregon.