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Listening to the experts


Last weekend, I continued my statewide listening tour by visiting several communities in Southern Oregon. I went to get some advice from the experts - the people. They are the ones who have some of the best ideas on how we can turn things around in our state, and they want leadership that listens and then acts boldly.

So I sat down to talk with regular Oregon citizens who work hard to make a living and improve their communities every day. And guess what? I found out that folks in Southern Oregon have a lot on their minds and some great ideas on what our state needs for a brighter future. For example:

  • The Jackson and Douglas County Democrats told me how Southern Oregon can feel left out by Salem. I will always enlist them and their considerable talent in the hard work it will take to move Oregon forward.

  • Ron Fox of Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc., Jim Fong of the Rogue Valley's Job Council, and I discussed the future of Southern Oregon's economic development. These groups have great ideas, and they just need a partner in Salem to get things done.

  • The Friends of Douglas County told me the importance of smart land-use planning and the natural resources industries in rural Douglas County, and I let them know that I will always fight for more livable urban centers, for protecting our special, rural places, and for smartly-planned, natural resource-based communities.

  • And Ashland Mayor John Stromberg told me about the complex issues facing Ashland, and we spoke about how local leaders and the next Governor can act to bring our state together.

And people took notice. The Medford Mail-Tribune wrote an excellent article about my listening tour, while the AP took note of my place in the emerging Governor's race. Click here to read the articles. I also appeared on Medford's KOBI NBC 5 to talk about why I am exploring a run for Governor of Oregon. Take a look by clicking below:

Over the next month I will be visiting the many, diverse communities across Oregon because I want to share my vision for our state and hear Oregonians' thoughts on how we can best move boldly into the future.

So far, the reaction has been incredibly positive. Oregonians are telling me they want new citizen leaders who are ready to listen, learn, and act because they desperately want a fresh start for our state.

From Roseburg, Medford, and Ashland to the banks of the beautiful Umpqua, I heard that Oregonians are looking for a Governor who will bring energy and passion to the challenge of moving us forward, together.

So I invite you to join me as I explore running for Governor of our great state in a conversation about Oregon's future. Follow our progress at and watch for us as we sit down and listen to hardworking Oregonians (the real experts) in a community near you!

For Oregon,

Brian Clem

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Posted on August 4, 2009 in listening tour, southern oregon.